"The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch." Jim Rohn


We meet in person at St Pat's Church, 2060 Haultain Street, Victoria at 7:15pm every Tuesday. Guests are always welcome at Oak Bay Toastmasters.


Our club has a diverse, and dynamic membership. Ages range from 18 to 85. Oak Bay Toastmasters membership includes a wide range of ages and backgrounds and makes us a diverse, fun, yet professional group. Our members include students, professionals, stay-at-home parents, and retirees. Everyone is welcome. (Minimum age is 18)


Our meetings run for 60 minutes and contain 3 segments: short prepared speeches and impromptu speeches;  longer prepared speeches; and feedback to all participants that focuses on strengths and suggests improvements. Our meetings are conducted in a supportive, positive, and fun atmosphere. Everyone enjoys the evening while developing individual speaking and leadership skill.

As a guest, you will:

* be invited to participate in the impromptu “Table Topics” session and to offer a short comment at the end of the meeting;

* visit us free and join us to begin benefiting from our program!

As a new member, you will:

* receive introductory information about the club structure and PATHWAYS, the Toastmasters International online educational program;

* be shown how to use the “Easy-Speak” website to confirm your attendance and your speaking roles at weekly meetings;

* have access to a lot of additional information about Toastmasters and Oak Bay Toastmasters by going through our “Member Portal”;

* have mentors available who can help you with your initial presentations and will act as an ongoing source of support;

* receive an online subscription to Toastmasters Magazine, where you will find articles on how to improve your public speaking and leadership abilities.


Our dues cover fees for Toastmasters International, meeting room rental,  supplies, etc.  We are a non-profit organization.
View our fee sheet.

Arranging Your First Visit

Email Vice President Membership Please email our Vice President Membership at for more information about our club meetings and details on how to arrange your first visit to Oak Bay Toastmasters.